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Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

Roof wear and tear caused by old age is normal and isn't usually covered by insurance companies. It's important to monitor those damages for the possibility of more severe damages. It's best to inspect your roof in the spring or fall, before and after severe weather conditions occur to prevent damages that your insurance provider may deem negligence by the homeowner.

Claims caused by severe weather conditions or Acts Of God, will not increase your insurance rate. It's best to file storm claims within a year's time frame, as insurance companies policies differ, due to homeowners choice of policy and insurance provider.

Revolution Roofing's claims specialists are here to assist from your initial roof inspection until the completion of your project. Your free inspection will include a ground-level walkthrough, interior and exterior examination. Your claims specialist will provide you with a report of damages found during the inspection and pictured documentation of all damages. 

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